Traveling to Bali

Bali is a world-renowned tourist haven, flocking with tourists for the most part of the year. It’s a small island with a rich Asian culture. The locals are friendly, the weather superb, and traversing it as a tourist is easy. If you’re a first-timer, though, you may find things a bit strange here, and knowing what to expect beforehand is important. So, what should you know before traveling to Bali? Here are tips you will find useful.

1. Expect Serious Jams on The Roads

Jams happen most of the time, even during off-peak hours. If you’re planning on going out, setting off early is a must. Tourists are allowed to rent cars and motorbikes, or you can opt to hire one of the many taxis. Taxis would be cheaper compared to renting a car unless you’re not short of cash and you need privacy.

2. The Culture and Religion Will Stun You

The people of Bali are immensely cultural. Streets are lined with ‘cananq sari,’ a kind of offering. You would do well to be on the lookout and avoid stepping the offerings as it will appear disrespectful. Expect some days to have business coming to a standstill when the people of Bali observe designated religious days. Respect their religion; ceremonies, offerings placed on streets, and dress right when entering temples.

3. Do Not Drink Tap Water

Water from taps in Bali isn’t always clean. Drink it and risk contracting an infection that ruins your holiday. Better to carry own water when going out, or you can buy bottled water that’s available at almost every store. Just don’t use tap water from anywhere to be safe.

4. Shopping is Fun

While almost everything in Bali is fairly cheap, the locals are used to haggling. The price they quote will always likely be higher than the real one. They expect you to start a bargain, so go ahead and start one. You will end up buying the item lower, plus it will make your shopping more enjoyable.

5. Drugs are Highly Prohibited

Laws concerning drugs are very serious here, with convictions carrying a death sentence. It’s a law that tourists from countries that do not have strict drug laws would need to be aware of- and come to terms with. A simple connection with drugs could land you on the wrong side of the law, with serious consequences.

6. Beware of Stray Animals

Stray dogs and monkeys roam many places in Bali. Monkeys will steal your items if you’re not careful, while stray dogs may bite and infect you with rabies. When walking or relaxing in places likely to harbor these animals, it’s advisable to be on the lookout. Or you can avoid such aces altogether.

Bali abounds with beautiful sceneries. Couple that with the friendliness and warmth of the locals, the local cuisine, and the vibrant culture and your tour of this Indonesian island will not have a moment of boredom. Learning a few words of the local language before visiting would help. You want to blend in more and not appear too much of a stranger.


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