Must See Bali

Of the many Indonesia’s islands, Bali beats them all and remains a darling amongst tourists. The island is a famous tropical paradise where travelers explore the impressive tropical jungle landscape, the numerous temples, and pure white sand beaches. The nickname ��Island of Gods’ arise from the Hinduism culture; that dominates every aspect of the locals’ lifestyle –from their place of worship to daily offerings made in every home. It’s not by surprise that this ideal island was ranked the world’s best holiday destination on TripAdvisor.

What places should you see when you’re in Bali?
1. Tanah Lot Temple
It’s a prominent landmark, renowned for its unique sunset backdrops and offshore setting. An ancient Hindu temple sits on top of a rock amidst continuously crashing waves. Its cultural significance and serenity are associated with a Balinese mythology of being among the ring of the seven temples located in the southwest part of the island. Make arrangements to travel earlier in the day to avoid the evening rush of tourists who want to take photos while the sun sets.

2. Sekumpul Waterfalls
Most people regard the waterfall as the most beautiful in Bali. It’s situated in the heart of a jungle where travelers trek to explore the magnificence of this natural highlight. There’s no shortage of tour guides who have a mastery of the local culture or private tours that will help you learn the environment around.

3. Ubud Monkey Forest
It’s a sanctuary that never fails to catch the attention of tourists. Walking through the exciting complex, you’ll have a chance to watch and interact freely with numerous varieties of playful monkeys found in the area. The forest is suitably located near Ubud Royal Palace, Town Center and a shopping spree at the Art Center.

4. Tegallalang Rice Terraces
Your visit to Bali can’t be complete without traveling to the traditional Balinese irrigations schemes. The eye-catching scenes of rice including the Subak are historically believed to have been passed down by a holy revered named Rsi Markandeya around the eighth century. The terraces offer a panoramic outlook that spread before you, reaching far away to the top of the rice parodies.

5. Lovina
Lovina is the most magnificent resort on the northern coast of Bali, famous for its black volcanic sand along the 5-mile beach. It comprises of several small villages harboring various scuba diving and snorkeling spots for adventure. The calm water is excellent for swimming and watching dolphin, making this area an idyllic destination for family vacation.

6. Mount Batur
Mount Batur isn’t the highest point of Bali, but its dramatic landscapes make it relatively easy to climb in not more than two hours. Sometimes the peak is an active volcano with several villages, a lake, and four craters. The top of Mount Batur provides a perfect place to watch the sunrise.

7. Tirta Gangga Water Palace
Formerly a royal palace, Tirta Gangga hosts lovely water gardens worth to explore. Some pools are viable for swimming, or you can choose to wander around the quiet setting looking for the colorful Koi fish which inhabits these waters!

8. Bamboo Forest
It’s popular with cyclists who flock to ride in the lusciously green forest comprising of giant bamboos that form a dense canopy. For explorers, the numerous trails and tours are unmatched – and if you’re out of time, take the drive to the nearby highway for a glance of the impressive greenery.

9. Kuta Beach
Being the most famous beach in Bali, you’re confident to find the party life in Kuta Beach. It’s a friendly destination for partying, socializing, and having fun. You’ll find plenty of cafes and pubs in the neighborhood.

10. Goa Gajah
Also known as ��The Elephant Cave,’ the entrance, consist of a picturesque courtyard aligned with impressive pools and stone carvings. Its located just 6km away from Ubud.

Among others, these destinations provide enough reason to visit Bali. You’ll certainly explore the distinctive Balinese culture, ancient volcanoes, scuba diving and sunbathing in the white sandy beaches.





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