10 Bali Facts

Are you curious about Bali? Have you heard others talking about staying in Bali luxury villas? Do you wonder what it would be like to slip away from your everyday life and enjoy a stay in a private villa in a luxurious seaside destination like Bali? If so, there are five Bali facts that you may feed your curiosity just a little. Whether you ever get to visit or not, these facts will give you an idea of what it is like to visit this exotic destination.Here are 10 things to know about Bali

1. Bali is much more than a surfing destination.

Bali has the reputation for being a haven for surfers, but that is not all there is to this are of Indonesia. You can do other things in the ocean, such as explore the islands or go out for a snorkeling adventure to these the underwater wildlife.

You can also find other forms of adventure that have nothing to do with the ocean. Go for a hike through rice fields, explore the rough lands surrounding the volcanoes, or take the plunge with bungee jumping.

3. Bali does not have to be an unsafe place to travel, despite what you may have heard.

Some think of Indonesia as an unsafe place for tourists, but this is not true. Many people can visit this portion of Indonesia without any problems at all. The trick is to educate yourself on the different areas of Bali, and stick with activities and destinations you know are safe.

4. Bali can be experienced through cheap hotels, or through beautiful private villas.

You can get a different view of Bali depending on your budget. If you are searching for a low budget vacation spot, then you will enjoy the cost-effective hotels and other rentals available throughout Bali. You can find some great deals in areas that have been built up for tourism.

5. Follow their dress code

You cannot do with beachwear in Bali as most of top clubs, restaurants and also bars needs that their customers do follow a dress code. Therefore, it is suggested that you purchase the right dresses before leaving for Bali tour.

7. Most of the Bali eateries are just as fashionable and also delicious as high-class clubs you love back home.

8. Diet

There is no need to be on a stern diet while visiting in Bali. There was a time when you could not be allowed to carry any cut fruit or meats, salads, and even ice cubes, but the measures of hygiene are now better across the entire island. Now, you can have quality organic food in most of the island’s kitchens.

9. Benoa mangrove excursions – There are mangrove forests close to Benoa Harbour. They are about twenty-one kilometers to the south of Denpasar. During this eco-tour, visitors walk on elevated timber boardwalks watching mangroves and birds. To learn more about mangroves, you can visit the Mangrove Information Center.

10. Bali Barat National Park – Filling 76312 hectares of land in Jembrana and Buleleng districts, Bali Barat is a famous national park. It is a perfect landmark for visitors who love trekking and wildlife viewing. White birds with matching black wing tips and blue stripes around their eyes can be seen here. Additionally, the rare and endangered Javan buffalo (banteng) can be seen here. There are only about thirty to forty bantengs left in the forest.

3. Traditional dramas and dances – Balinese have many celebrations that take place in temples. Every village organizes its festivals at different dates, and most of these are not meant for tourists. Your tour guide knows when cultural events organized only for tourists take place.

You can find some treats on the streets of Bali, but there are also some upscale restaurants which can give you a taste of higher quality Indonesian foods. If you love food, you might want to explore some of the best restaurants and plan to visit them all while in Bali.


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